PWCS Teacher Training Materials - "Cultural Competency"

While parents protest local school districts over the teaching of critical race theory, with all of the distractions, the Democrat state legislature signed a bill into law mandating the teaching of CRT in every school in Virginia to be implemented in the 2021-2022 school year. It turns out they never intended to teach CRT openly in the classroom. The legislation signed into law on February 25th of 2021 makes it mandatory that all licensed teachers and those seeking licenses in Virginia be trained in “cultural competency.” There was never going to be a curriculum. The indoctrination of our children will happen indirectly through teacher indoctrination. The change in the law requires that teachers be evaluated in “cultural competence,” and a failure to master the tenets of “cultural competency,” aka CRT, will result in their firing.
How do I know that “cultural competence” equates to Critical Race Theory? I was contacted by a whistleblower who disclosed the efforts taking place in EVERY school district in Virginia. I was also provided with the training material mandated by the district to implement “cultural competence.” It is all textbook Critical Race Theory. The democrats have made it illegal for teachers NOT to implement CRT into the fabric of Virginia classrooms starting in the coming 2021-2022 school year.
The district seat I am running for does not have its election until November 2022. However, it is CRITICAL that we all work very hard to communicate this message across ALL of Virginia and put the tools into the hands of our nominees so they have the information they need to take back Virginia by overwhelming margins. This campaign is dedicating all of its resources to working with Republicans all over the Commonwealth to get this message out.
I am working with several Republican groups and clubs, and other conservative entities to draft a unified message on Critical Race Theory in our schools. The task just got a lot bigger with the passing of HR1904, making CRT a requirement for teachers.
We must win the governorship and take back the legislature. Then we must repeal the changes to teacher evaluation and put in place parents’ rights legislation to give parents legal standing in their children’s education.
It is the parents’ RIGHT to decide the moral, ethical, and political ideals their children learn in life. THIS legislature and THIS governor passed sweeping changes that take away those parental rights. While there are many local efforts fighting CRT, I need you to volunteer and donates to this campaign so that I can work to increase our chances of restoring parent rights all over Virginia.
Documents and Comments From PWCS “Whistle Blower”
These documents were sent to all CARE Leads in PWCS in February 2021 from Maria Borous who developed it for PWCS.  She is now at the PW County Board of Supervisors. 
The Care Lead Facilitators were to review and revise Maria’s work.  See the Care Connect Meeting PowerPoint.
The Care Connect group worked on reviewing training for all staff with Maria’s original information but revised by Lisa Williams, a consultant hired by PWCS after Maria moved up to the County Board of Supervisors.
The slide images are what resulted from these meetings.  We are awaiting direction from the new superintendent for PWCS. There is also going to be a CARE Lead Summer Summit on the new rollout, the date to be determined.
The teacher stressed that many in PWCS don’t agree with this. They hate going to meetings where we are pitted against each other to talk about this.  Many of the administration with principals don’t want to push this training on staff, particularly after the brutal year of teaching virtual and hybrid.